The Lump

Last January I began an 8 week correspondence course with Frank Santoro and the Comic Workbook school.  His class mimics the old comic drawing correspondence courses you used to find in the ad pages of old comic books.  The class is truly amazing and taught me so many invaluable things that I will use in my work for years to come.  The course was 8 weeks…it took me roughly 10 months.  Whatever, I have three kids.

The result is my first non-shop, full color, 16 page comic called “The Lump.”  The Lump is a highly fictionalized take on the first few months after my third child was born, and a minor yet traumatic surgery I had during that time.  These books will debut at Comic Arts Brooklyn in November and are available on my site for General Comics Press.  I’ve posted it here as well!  Special thanks to my brother Paul who scanned and compressed over 40 pages of hand drawn and hand colored tracing paper pages!






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