John, Carmela and the Wonder Wheel

This Coney Island themed comic was recently published in the most recent issue of Desert Island‘s publication Smoke Signal.  The all Coney Island issue debuted at Fun House Book Fair at the Drawing Center this spring.




The Shop now Available in Print!



The Shop has been slowly coming along on this site as new comics were inked and scanned.  I am now happy to announce that issue #1 is in print!  It contains some of what is on this site and the ending to “Shelving.”  I know you have been waiting with baited breath to see if the lunch gets there on time or if the shelves go up!

I will try to update more and more and get excited for issues 2 and 3 which will hopefully be out in the new year.  For now check out and Desert Island Comics in Williamsburg Brooklyn of a copy of The Shop!

Now get to work!